Harmony international is a world class immigration and migration consultants. Over the year we knew about various challenges in movement from nations to nation, hence we grow our services encompassing all your immigration/migration solution.

We are proud to say that after many  years of business operation in South Africa we became a top leading conglomerate in immigration/migration consultancies with our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Our mission

We are poised to meet all the needs of our clients who visit South Africa and  West Africa on business, holiday or settlement purposes. Excellence services delivery is our watch word and we pay great attention to uncompromising customer satisfaction through our dedication and prompt response to our clients needs; no matter area of their concern in Africa continent, yet we continuing drawing a great attention and excellence spirit motivation from our CEO  strong desire to growing a world class business enterprise.



Harmony immigration will give you peace of mind and guarantee of top grade international service delivery in all areas of our operations. It is therefore not a surprise that people from all spheres of life and different countries of the world prefer dealing with Harmony immigration Consultants , this is as a result of the impart we have made on their immigration status, business establishment and family settlement in Africa. You will smile with us!  

257 Clients
154 Visas Issued
213 Permits Issued
98 % Assurance